I take commissions for animal portraits of cats, dogs and horses. This page contains information about commissioning a portrait of your pet, but of course if you have any queries at all don't hesitate to contact me - my mobile number is 07584 993996
How to Commission a Portrait

I take commissions for portraits in pastels of dogs, cats and horses. If you would like to commission a portrait of your pet please contact me so that we can discuss what you would like and in what medium, and of course the cost. I charge £190 for a standard portrait (head and neck) with a plain background. If you would like a portrait with two or more pets, a background or a montage please contact me for prices. I can also mount and frame the finished portrait if required.

Photograph requirements

If at all possible I like to meet my subjects and take some photographs myself. But unfortunately this isn’t always possible and I need to rely on the photographs that I am given to be able to catch the likeness and character of the individual cat, dog or horse. This is just a small guide with some hints on how to take the best photograph.

Lighting: Try to take the photographs of your pet in natural light - not bright sunlight (which can flatten colour and texture) or deep shade (for obvious reasons!). Likewise a photograph taken with a flash isn’t ideal.

Pose: Try not to take the photo from above the animal or straight on from the front - the best photos usually show three quarters of the face as in the example below. Alternatively sideways on might work better for some.

Quality: Obviously the better quality of the photos (the higher the resolution, more pixels etc) the more helpful it will be for me to capture the detail, but I am aware that sometimes this isn’t always possible (for pets that are having their portraits done posthumously for example) so just send me what you have - if all you have are printed photos, it would be helpful to have the originals and I will of course return them to you once the portrait is finished. Otherwise digital photos are ideal, but please make sure that when you email them to me that you don't shrink the file - if the file is too large for you to send from your computer, you can send large files via for free. Alternatively, send them one or two photos at a time by email.

Do send me a selection of photographs, maybe taken at different times, so that I have as much information to work from as possible. Also let me know if one photo captures your pet’s personality better than the others, or if the colour of their hair or fur is more true in one than another.

Finally, I will keep you informed of the progress of your portrait and send you photos at regular intervals - if at any stage you think that I haven’t quite got it right, then please don’t hesitate to let me know!

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